An Introduction

I’ll keep this section short, as I’ve never been keen on writing about myself!

From a very young age (as long as I can remember!) I have always had a keen interest in military history, spending my childhood visiting various military and regimental museums around the UK, as well as visiting battlefields around the world, as far afield as South Africa.

My main area of interest has always been predominantly the Great War period, having been fascinated by stories and objects from my great grandfathers time with the Durham Light Infantry in 1917 – 1918.

At the age of 17, I joined the then Territorial Army with my local unit; 6 RIFLES. Whilst at university (reading International Politics & Military History) I moved to the University Officer Training Corps, and then later to the Royal Wessex Yeomanry, with whom I became a trained Challenger 2 crew member. 10 Short and eventful years later I ceased being a reservist due to other commitments, but remember my time fondly (mostly anyway!). I’m now incredibly lucky to be working in military museums and getting to fulfill my interests on a daily basis.

I hope to share my passion and knowledge via this website, and I hope you find the content engaging and informative.

All ready for giving a lecture on “Sabres and Shabraques: Equipping The Cavalry in War and Peace”.

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