A Coincidental Find

Some time ago I purchased a photographic postcard of a WW1 soldier serving with the Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment). As is most common with these photographs, it was unnamed and my interest was in the distinguishing mark he was wearing on his shoulder (as part of a long on-going research project). The onlyContinue reading “A Coincidental Find”

HorsePower, The Museum of The King’s Royal Hussars

I have always loved visiting military museums, and I would like to share some of the amazing collections that can be found within regimental museums all over the UK. For my first Regimental Museum post, I will be sharing the fantastic cavalry collection held by HorsePower, The Museum of The King’s Royal Hussars in Winchester,Continue reading “HorsePower, The Museum of The King’s Royal Hussars”

Armoured Cars at Ctesiphon 1915

A look at the early use of Armoured Cars during the campaign in Mesopotamia, focusing on the Battle of Ctesiphon, November 1915. Back in August 2013, The Tank Museum published an online article by David Fletcher about two mysterious armoured cars that were recorded as taking part in the Battle of Ctesiphon. David Fletcher hadContinue reading “Armoured Cars at Ctesiphon 1915”