The Great War

Armoured Cars At Ctesiphon 1915

The use of Armoured Cars in Mesopotamia 1914 – 1916, centering on the Battle of Ctesiphon, November 1915.

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A Coincidental Find

Pte Joseph Stanley May, Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment)

Distinguishing Marks of the Great War – Signallers of the British Army – an illustrated guide

How were Signallers in the Great War distinguished from other soldiers?

Photos of The Great War – Frederick Charles Yetman, Hampshire Regiment

A series of posts looking at named photographs of servicemen of the Great War.

Behind Enemy Lines in 1914 – The Fate of A Squadron, 11th Hussars

After coming under friendly fire, half a squadron of cavalry become cut off behind enemy lines. A story famously known for Patrick Fowler, the soldier who hid in a cupboard, but what of the rest of the squadron?

Shooting Round Corners Great War Style – Defence of Communication Trenches

In 1915, an officer of the Royal Fusiliers invented a method of shooting round trench corners, without the shooter having to expose himself.

Overseas Service Chevrons

Just what are those stripes on the lower right arm in Great War photographs? The Overseas Service Chevrons awarded to the British Army for the Great War.

The Curious Case of Private Trigg

On the eve of the great Somme offensive, a British soldier mysteriously defects to the German lines.

Wound Stripes

Wounded soldiers in the Great War were distinguished with special insignia, a vertical bar on the lower left arm. The Wound Stripes awarded to the British Army for the Great War.

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